Allow me to introduce myself


  • My name is Savannah, I live in Missouri, USA, I work in an elementary school, and I have been married to J for almost two years (August is coming right up!)
  • I moved out of my mom’s house straight into my husband’s house, and while at my mom’s house I did enjoy going through things, organizing them, and even cleaning sometimes; I didn’t do it regularly. I relied on my mom to do the house cleaning and I kept my bedroom how I liked it. I have some health concerns and as a minor (and actually, even after I turned 18 – until I moved out) she kept track of my important papers.
  • I have a lot of important papers, and my mom is the type to hold on to those papers for as long as she deems necessary. I have adopted this trait.
  • As my single accordion folder filled, I decided to switch systems. I didn’t like the file-folder method my mom uses. I own a 3-hole punch and some empty binders, so I put them to use. Everything is in a binder now (I also have 3 accordion folders.)
  • I enjoy scrapbooking, and will probably post on my technique for staying organized when scrapbooking.
  • I have a significant amount of clothing and a passion for donations, so I go through my things regularly, making sure I know what I have and whether I still need or want it.
  • My email goes through and is full of filters, colorful labels, and organization.
  • Even my pinterest┬áis organized. I can’t help it.
  • I now enjoy cleaning – it is a stress reliever! – but don’t have the time to clean daily. I created a chart to a) make sure I accomplish what needs to be done, and b) I love the feeling of crossing off a finished task.
  • I’m a Mac user and LOVE my iCal. However, I don’t take it with me, so I’ve recently acquired a planner and am trying that out as well. This is an area in which I could use more organization development.
  • I am a “list person”. I feel better when I can look at what needs to be completed or bought and then cross it off when I’ve done so. I used to leave lists on the dry erase board for my husband with little boxes so he could check off the items as he completed them. (It was minor – things like “Make bed” “Do dishes” “Call landlord” “Have a good day”)
  • I try desperately to be as green and natural as possible. I am also very frugal.
  • Something else you should know: my husband and I live with our dog in a three bedroom house. The two extra bedrooms are the gym/office/my storage, and the mancave/his storage. They are far from full. Truthfully, we rented this house for the sole reason that it allowed dogs and was inexpensive. We do NOT need three bedrooms!

I hope you enjoy OrganizationLove – leave comments with suggestions. My camera is unfortunately broken and I will post as much as possible until I get a new one!