Organize your purse

My purse was getting a bit cluttered and disorganized, so I decided to dump it all out and organize.


This is the purse in question: I got it at a flea market and it looks and seems brand new. It was perfect for my needs and still is.



Inside I realized I had a bit too many of certain things. Like, a pocket calendar AND a planner? I got the calendar in January (or before) and the planner just last month. 1calendars

Obviously I only need to carry the planner around – it is what I use.

1coupon book

Coupon organizer. I do use this, though I might get a different one, because this one doesn’t have all the folders I need. Maybe that will be a future post.


Do I really need three notepads in my purse? Nope. I kept the most functional: far right.


On the left: my wallet. On the right: my “extra” card holder.


Inside the wallet are my important cards (debit card, giftcards, shopping cards, insurance cards, driver’s license) and cash. The shopping cards are rewards or discount cards and are on a small key ring. I went so far as to punch a hole in my Best Buy card because though it was not small like the others, I wanted it to be on the same ring. I just made sure to punch the hole through a spot where there was nothing important.

I also keep a different small change container for my pennies. I chose my (very) old Smackers change purse because it is see-through. The rest of my change is in the middle of the wallet.


Finished product: on the left, my wallet, card holder, checkbook, and chosen notepad; on the right, my coupon holder and planner. Everything stands vertically because I have a tall enough purse that I can fit much more this way.

There are two smaller compartments which hold floss, hand sanitizer, and headache medicine (left), and a calculator, gum, and a pen (right).

The most important items: my keys and cell phone, go in the very front zippered pocket where not much fits, but when I need one of those items, it’s easy access.

My sunglasses rest on the top of the main pocket for now so they won’t get broken.

That’s it! Nice and organized now.

What’s in your purse? Anything similar to mine?

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