DIY It’s Your B Day Card

DIY It's Your B Day Card


  • Recollections Card/Envelope 4″x5.5″ white
  • Letter stickers (gift)
  • .35mm Archival Ink pen
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue 4 fl oz
  • ruler, pencil, eraser

OrganizationLove Pro Tips:

  • Use a pencil and ruler to draw a straight line to write “It’s Your” on. Trace letters in pen or ultra fine marker, wait to dry, then erase pencil lines.
  • Any sticker letters could be used for this. The ones I had happened to fit the card well, which is important.
  • If you wanted a perfectly polished look, you could also use a pencil and ruler to draw a straight line on the bottom of the card to precisely line up your sticker letters.

Caption Ideas:

Not sure any are needed, as there are words already covering the front, but perhaps inside:

  • Enjoy your day
  • It’s your special day
  • Happy birthday
  • Have a blast


  • If my post¬†inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me!

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