DIY Button Balloons Card

Button balloons card


  • The Paper Studio value pack ivory notecard/envelope 4″x5.5″ [Michaels]
  • Button Sensations buttons pack (6008 Citrus)
  • Black/white twine [Michaels]
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue 4 fl oz
  • scissors

OrganizationLove Pro Tip:

  • I put the twine through the button’s holes and tied it in the back. I cut off excess on one side of the knot and put glue down. The other side of the knot is the “balloon string.”
  • I also put glue where I knotted together all 3 strings.
  • I thought it was cute to have the button holes facing different directions, not identical. Don’t over think it! šŸ™‚

Some Ideas for Captions:

  • Happy birthday
  • Celebrate
  • Birthday wishes
  • Party time


  • If my postĀ inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me!

Recent card projects

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073113 tyler card 24 1front

the 24 is on a bunch of black rectangles for a 3D effect

INSIDE: “…You are a wonderful brother and person”.



Scoops are from poster paper; cone and cherry from glitter cardstock

Card organization and storage

Card organization and storage

I used to collect cards. Every one I got. Before I moved a couple of years ago, I looked through those cards (and notes!) and throw most away, as well as organize them by category – birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, congratulations, prayers/good luck, etc. Each category was wrapped in a rubber band with a post-it on top saying what event it was. I stored them in this cookie tin:

I decided to go through them again recently. I’m trying toĀ declutter and let’s be honest, there is a whole spare bedroom closet FULL of my “memories”.

So I threw away a lot of cards, but I kept some too.

Organized birthday by sender – parents, brothers, or friends. Then organized by date.

Kept some Valentines, a couple Christmas, some congrats and some prayers/encouragement. IMPORTANTLY, I did not always keep the whole card. I generally only care about what my family member or friend wrote. I didn’t have a huge problem with chopping the covers of many cards, so I did.

Also didn’t have a problem putting a couple of holes in each card and sticking them in a 3-ring binder for super-easy access to lots of reminders I am loved.

I alternated where the cards went in the binder – since many were small enough for only two holes, I put some in the top two holes and the next category in the bottom two holes, etc.


Birthday cards from parents


Christmas cards in bottom 2 holes, encouragement in top 2 holes


Even could include my favorite paper plate card from my brother when I turned 19

With some of the cards or the covers that I didn’t feel the urge to keep any longer, I chose a few to cut up (some more) and keep pieces forĀ when I make my own cards, which I do.


I kept these intact.


These, I trimmed, or cut out the fun stuff.


Fun stuff


A bunch of “fun stuff” from only 2 cards, binder clipped together


This is my card organizer. The first half are blank note cards with my initial or something similar on the front, which I tend to use instead of stationary. I have a TON of thank-you cards (I do use them a lot.) I bought a bunch of “Just because” cards for my nieces that can read. I have a birthday card slot, and a slot for cards of every season. Christmas has its own section. The last two sections have the stuff I cut out today.

In each seasonal holiday I have a pink sticky note listing the holidays in that season (per month) that I tend to send out cards for.

DSCN0014WINTER: December (Christmas), January (New Year), February (Valentine’s Day)

SPRING: March (St. Patrick’s Day), April/May (Easter, Mother’s Day), June (Father’s Day)

SUMMER: June (above), July (Independence Day), August

FALL: September, October (Halloween), November (Thanksgiving)





Update – 7/20/13,

Cut apart some file folders that I was not going to use since I’ve switched to a binder and accordion folder system, slapped some cut-up sticky note labels on them, and now I’ve got dividers!

Comment and let me know if you are a card hoarder – or just used to be one, like me!

Next I’ll tackle the cards my husband has given me over the past 4+ years…