DIY Upcycle Key Wind Chimes

key windchimes 2

I have these beautiful rainbow colored keys that don’t go to anything, and some too-small necklace chains with no charms. I had seen on Pinterest the idea to make wind chimes out of keys, and I had plans to do so with my massive collection of keys. However, I decided to just use the rainbow keys for now, and hang them on the necklace chains. I arranged them about half an inch apart from each other on a clear plastic straw I don’t use and piled on clear Hobby Glue (under the chain and on top of it). Then, using a pipe cleaner hooked onto a long, skinny ribbon, I pulled the ribbon through the straw. I tied several knots on either end of the straw to keep it as in place as possible, then tied a bow on the top to hang from an S-hook outside in my back yard.


  • keys (pretty ones are favorable)
  • necklace chains
  • clear plastic straw
  • clear Hobby Glue
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaner (to get the ribbon through the straw)
  • place to hang!

By the way – the sound the keys make is soft, tinkly, and beautiful! I am in love.


  • If my post inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me! Also, I’d love to see it!

DIY Happy Birthday Sparkly Balloon card

red balloon happy birthday 1


  • The Paper Studio value pack ivory notecard/envelope 4″x5.5″ [Michaels]
  • MS Word: Word Art (to print “happy birthday”)
  • Gemstones by Paper Studio Red Balloon Gem/Glitter sticker (Hobby Lobby)

OrganizationLove Pro Tips:

  • I designed the words “happy birthday” in Microsoft Word and printed directly on the card – I made the outline red to match the balloon
  • I got the balloon sticker on clearance from Hobby Lobby, so I don’t know if it’s still for sale. It was tough to arrange the balloon “string” to lie flat, but it was doable!

As you can see, there’s not a lot to this card!

Caption Ideas:

  • Because there are already words on the front of the card, outer captions are not necessary
  • Inside notes:
    • Have a great day
    • Hope your day is as amazing as you
    • Party time
    • Celebrate


  • If my post inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me! Also, I’d love to see it!

DIY Glitter Popsicle Card

DIY popsicle card


  • Recollections Value Pack card/envelope 5″x6.5″  [Michaels]
  • Core Couture High Fashion 12″x12″ card stock (pink/green/blue glitter paper) [JoAnn’s Fabric]
  • Brown card stock
  • Martha Stewart corner rounder
  • Family Treasures cloud/scalloped oval punch
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Tacky Glue 4 fl oz
  • scissors, ruler

OrganizationLove Pro Tips:

  • Use a ruler to make 3 rectangles on 3 different glitter papers. Then use a corner rounder to round the top 2 corners.
  • For the popsicle stick (brown card stock), the corner rounder I had didn’t work – the stick was too skinny for that! I just used scissors, hence why they are not identical.
  • For the “bite”, put the corner of the popsicle shape into a scalloped oval punch (looks like a cloud).

Caption Ideas:

This card could be used for a wide variety of occasions, such as:

  • Happy summer
  • Take a bite out of life
  • Happy birthday
  • You’re the sweetest
  • Thanks

Inspired by:

  • A pin posted from (no direct link) inspired this post. Thanks for the inspiration!
  • If my post inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me!

Want it?

  • This card is available for purchase on my etsy store:

Even Easier DIY Holiday Notecards

Even Easier DIY Holiday Notecards

In my previous post, Easy DIY Holiday Card (and the trick to mass production), I made 30+ cards for friends and family, including a letter and two pictures. I mailed or handed these out to my family members and close friends.

But here’s show another easy holiday card I made this year. This version will be put into the mailboxes at the elementary school where I work. It includes a short, personalized, hand-written note and of course a name; otherwise each card is pretty near identical.

As an added bonus for me, I had all the materials I needed already in my house – kind of needing and waiting to be used. I don’t know what I would have done with this stuff otherwise.


4″ x 6″ index off-white index cards were the base. These cards are huge compared to regular index cards, and a lot of them didn’t have lines on either side, so I didn’t know what to use them for. I think colored cards of this size would be fun, too.

I made a very simple tree. I had 3″ x 3″ squares of green paper. They are the same size as Post-it notes, but did not have a sticky part, therefore I (again) had no idea what to use them for.



Because the slips of green paper were squares, I folded them diagonally and cut them apart to make two equal triangles.


I used a glue stick to paste the first triangle’s wide base parallel to the bottom, just below the center of the index card.


I glued the second triangle about 3/4″ above the first triangle. This way the whole top triangle was showing.


Last, I drew a trunk with brown marker. No need to be perfect.

I wrote the name of the receiver in cursive above the tree, at the top of the card, in red skinny marker, and the message in plain black pen. For my convenience I also wrote the full name of the receiver so it will be easier for me to find their mailboxes (which only contain last names).


My custom messages were short, and said things like “I love coming to your classroom”, “Thanks for always saying hi in the halls”, “Hope you have a wonderful break”, etc.

Dear readers, I hope your holidays are extra special, too!


Easy DIY Holiday Card (and the trick to mass production)

Easy DIY Holiday Card (and the trick to mass production)

The last few years I’ve made our Christmas cards on a website and inserted pictures. This year, we didn’t get any professional photos taken and I decided to go a different route: DIY.

I bought pre-cut cards from Michaels, the kind that are even pre-creased and all you have to do is fold them. They even come with envelopes. (I used the Recollections brand.) Mine were 4″x5.5″. I strongly recommend folding them on the crease, then using fingernails to make a crisp fold. This way, they fit in the envelopes better.

I had some stationary paper in two shades of green. It was easy to make a tree – fold part of the paper in half and cut a triangle. Unfold to find a bigger, symmetrical triangle.

I traced several triangles first. I cut them out next. I glued the small one down first so the big triangle tree would appear in front. DSCN0676

Next, I added the star stickers. You know, those sheets of multicolored shiny stars? I used red for the big tree and either silver or gold for the smaller tree.


Used a thick brown Crayola marker to make trunks on the triangle trees (so they looked like actual trees.)


Used a thin gray Crayola marker to add “Merry Christmas” in my best cursive.


For the inside, I wrote a brief, generic letter in a word processor for each sendee. It was the width of one side of the card, and a little longer than the length of the card. I found the line I wanted to fold the paper up on so it would fit and folded them all, so I’d know where to apply the glue stick, before gluing any.


In the fold of the letter I put in the selected two photos I printed a while ago. I made a picture collage of two vertically oriented photos and printed them on 4×6 photo paper through Walmart’s photo website. When I received the prints, I cut each one apart using my portable paper cutter, so they are 3″ x 4″.

On the opposite inside, I wrote a much more brief personalized message in green pen and signed it for myself, and had Husband sign for himself and for our dog, who appears in one of the pictures.

The trick to making 30 nearly-identical cards is to do each step on each card before moving on to the next step. For example, I creased ALL the cards, then traced ALL the big triangles (that would fit on a folded page)… etc. It was easy to do all that when the big and small triangles were all cut out. I glued all the triangles, THEN stuck on all the stars, THEN drew all the trunks, THEN wrote “Merry Christmas” on each card…. It flew by, and I think made them look closer to identical.

Do you make your own holiday cards?

An even easier holiday notecard for those friends who don’t need the whole letter: HERE!