DIY Upcycle Key Wind Chimes

key windchimes 2

I have these beautiful rainbow colored keys that don’t go to anything, and some too-small necklace chains with no charms. I had seen on Pinterest the idea to make wind chimes out of keys, and I had plans to do so with my massive collection of keys. However, I decided to just use the rainbow keys for now, and hang them on the necklace chains. I arranged them about half an inch apart from each other on a clear plastic straw I don’t use and piled on clear Hobby Glue (under the chain and on top of it). Then, using a pipe cleaner hooked onto a long, skinny ribbon, I pulled the ribbon through the straw. I tied several knots on either end of the straw to keep it as in place as possible, then tied a bow on the top to hang from an S-hook outside in my back yard.


  • keys (pretty ones are favorable)
  • necklace chains
  • clear plastic straw
  • clear Hobby Glue
  • ribbon
  • pipe cleaner (to get the ribbon through the straw)
  • place to hang!

By the way – the sound the keys make is soft, tinkly, and beautiful! I am in love.


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