DIY Halloween card for kids (2016)

DIY Halloween card for kids (2016)

I wanted this year’s card to be different than last year’s, because I’m giving the cards to a lot of the same kids. However, I had a lot of the same supplies to use up, so they ended up being similar!

I used:

  • dark purple cardstock (12″ x 12″) – I used my paper cutter to trim these to 4″ x 5.5″ to fit in envelopes
  • spooky ribbon to line the bottom of the card
    • Recollections “Halloween Boo” ribbon (pack of 5) [Michaels]
  • pumpkin letter sticker – but since I’ve run out of a bunch of letters, I didn’t always get to use the first letter of their name (as shown)
  • silver metallic Sharpie for the words I wrote on (child’s name and mine)
  • printed out spooky-lettered “Happy Halloween!” onto white card stock and rounded two opposite corners before gluing on
    • font: Nemo Nightmares [here]
    • Martha Stewart corner rounder [Michaels]
  • sparkly/gemstone pumpkin sticker [sheet of 25 stickers: Hobby Lobby]
  • envelopes – The Paper Studio value pack – 100 white [Hobby Lobby]
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Extra strength glue stick – to affix white “Happy Halloween!” paper
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond quick dry dual-tip glue pen (the small side) -to affix ribbon



For the kids whose cards I will mail (not my students), I included a couple of sheets of stickers and a jack-o-lantern eraser. (stickers and erasers from Target – that section in the front where everything is only a few dollars)cig_img003

I also put a sticker on the back of the envelope.



For the kids whose cards I will hand-deliver (my students), I added stickers to the actual cards and that was that.


the rectangle of green paper is over the student’s name for student’s privacy


If my post inspires you, and you blog about it, I ask that you credit me! Also, I’d love to see it!

Halloween cards for kids

When I was a kid, I had a couple of aunts who faithfully sent my brothers and me cards for various holidays and our birthdays. When I became an aunt to several kiddos when J and I married (and now our family has grown even more) I wanted to be that aunt, too. So I made my cards for the kids in my family and a couple for friends’ kids.

I used three small stamps that I bought at Michaels for $1.50 each, and a tiny candy stamp that came in a set (and I don’t remember where I got it.) These are the stamps:

Halloween card for kids

I used a black ink pad and when it didn’t work perfectly each time, I filled in the rest with an ultra-fine point black marker/pen. That was a huge pain and I have got to get better at stamping.

On the front of the card, I printed the words “Happy Halloween!” in orange ink. I searched the internet for “free Halloween fonts” and I recommend you do the same because there are a lot of good ones out there! On the inside, I used another stamp and wrote my message in orange and green for pumpkin colors. Halloween card for kids

Lastly, on the back flap of the envelope, I drew a little orange and green pumpkin. That way the kids (and their parents) will have a hint about what the card is for!

Halloween card for kids

Do you make cards for kids? What do your Halloween cards look like?